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Get-Well soup

I guess being an adult means making your own Get-well or feel-better soup (let's add it to the extensive list, shall we?).

Of course, I got sick during the busiest week of the year. I knew I had to use the little energy I had very intentionally. I would need half of it to walk my dog Charlie, and the other half to cook something comforting because being the picky person that I am, I wasn't craving anything from take-out.

So I decided to cook Molly Baz's Get-well soup from her book 'Cook this book'. I had all the ingredients already; chicken, rice, garlic, ginger, and some finishing toppings.

Although the brightness from the lime juice and the sharpness of the ginger was not what I was used to, I was surprised to find how well it worked without being overwhelming. Plus, something about the beautiful golden color seemed to assure me, as if I was consuming something quite valuable and beneficial.

Isn’t it interesting that so many cultures have the broth and carb combo as a healing cure? We see this in juk, congee, chicken noodle soup, and the list goes on. Nothing makes being sick worthwhile, but at least we know these bowls of broth + carbs will keep us company to get through the day.


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