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Cranberry roasted chicken

Do forgive me when I say chicken used to be my least favorite meat. It’s that distinctive chicken smell that threw me off and never made me crave it. So my usual go-to when eating chicken would be a deep-fried form or heavily masked with sauce form. It wasn’t until the recent 5 years when my husband took up Gordon Ramsay's recipe for Chicken Supreme. Seared in oil with garlic cloves and shallots. That chicken popped my chicken cherry so to speak, if that makes any sense(but why would it?). Ever since then, as if a door for a new world has opened, I’ve been exploring chicken recipes.

Since I had some cranberries left over from making the crumb cake, this was the perfect opportunity to make @mrsvitale ‘s Cranberry Roasted Chicken. The tangy pop of flavor from the cranberries goes so well with the richness of chicken thighs.

So, out of a million (probably) chicken recipes in this world, what's your favorite chicken recipe? I would love to explore them one by one!

*Recipe Courtesy: Laura in the Kitchen 'Cranberry Roasted Chicken'


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