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cranberry crumb cake

Fresh cranberries deserve more attention. It deserves more than being Turkey’s sidekick once in the entire year. Well okay, they are only in season from October to December so maybe not the entire year, but at least more than once during its season. My first memory of eating a fresh cranberry was of course in its sauce form, but because it's the only form cranberry is represented in. Just google ‘cranberry recipes’ then you’ll see most of them are sauce recipes.

Yes, they’re sharp, and yes, they’re too tangy, but lemons are just as sour, why do they get all the attention? Okay, I take that back. I love lemons, and I'll always be a citrus girl.

The point is, the world has been too harsh on cranberries. Enough with the rant. In this season of cranberries, give them cranberries another chance with this lovely cake. The sour cream keeps the cake moist and gives that nice 'tang', and the crumble topping might just be the best I've ever had. It's like sprinkling little pieces of cookies on a cake. You know how you sprinkle toasted breadcrumbs on pasta to give that extra texture? It’s just like that.

*Recipe courtesy: Samantha Seneviratne from NYT Cooking


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