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coconut Thumbprint cookies

Dare I say it? Thumbprint might be my favorite cookie.

When I was working in a corporate job in Seoul, one of the ways of ‘treating myself’(certainly wasn’t the only thing I treated myself to) was picking up Pepperidge Farm’s Verona cookies from the neighborhood bakery. You might ask, who buys mass mass-produced baked goods in an actual bakery? Me! Why were they selling these cookies in the first place? No idea.

I’d never thought of making these thumbprint or Linzer-type cookies until I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the stocks for Verona were always low. Were homemade versions better? I think so. Would I still pick up a bag from the grocery store? Absolutely!

The shortbread base is from Claire Saffitz's Coconut Thumbprints from her book Dessert Person. The jam filling is Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves.

The shortbread came out a bit dry, probably due to using dry desiccated coconut instead of shredded coconut(and also the fact that Claire makes no mistakes - in her recipe).


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