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christmas stöllen

The holiday season is over, but I’m still enjoying the Stollen I made during Christmas. I usually like making Panettone during that time, but this year I wanted to do something different. To tell you the truth, I’ve never tasted Stollen before, so I have no reference to what it should taste like. Thinking of stollen comes with a memory of passing by bakeries in Itaewon, where they would put up signs in early December that says, “Order for Christmas Stollen closing soon”. I’m not sure whether it was procrastination or the commitment to waiting for multiple weeks that hindered me from ever purchasing one. Years pass and here I was, making Stollen for the first time and tasting it for the first time. Following Cupcakejemma's recipe, I made two small loaves instead of a single big one and shared it with a dear friend.

I realized that holiday baking recipes are special not because you get to eat them surrounded by all the festivities, but because the amount of effort it takes makes you only willing to make them at the end of the year. This goes the same for Panettones.




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